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I need to speak with someone in upper management in regards to a issue I am having with a refund of reconnection fees I should not have been charged. I have attempted to resolve this with a representative but was unable to get a suitable resolution. 

I spoke with financial services on 12/17/2021 to change a current arrangement that I had on file due to some personal issues making the payment on time. She stated she changed the arrangement and I was good to go. On 12/22 my account was suspended while I was currently in a payment arrangement. I called and spoke with a representative and was told that the previous representative failed to confirm something in my arrangement and she apologized and reconnected my service. Several days later my service was again interrupted while in my payment arrangement before my payment was even due. I noticed while reviewing my bill that it seemed outrageously high and found I was charge two reconnection fees for 12/22 and 12/23 at $40 per line which explained why my bill was so high. I contacted a rep via chat named Liam who states that he reviewed the supervisor notes that notated the error but he was only able to refund 50% of the charges because one the reconnection fees were valid. As I tried to explain to him both suspensions happened while I was currently in a payment arrangement because of representative and system errors. I called very upset as it was a big inconvenience as I had trouble getting to a live person and held for a long time. I stated that I may have my dates off a little as it had been awhile but if he pulled my calls it would better show a timeline as something was not right in whatever notes he had and these charges were not of my error. The representative told me that they did not have access to do that.  

At this point I need someone that has DOES have access to do a deep dive into my bill from November to current as that is when I started to have these issues and review my billing to get these charges fully taken off. Even though the representative stated he was giving the 50% refund I do not see that reflecting either. I would appreciate if someone in upper management could view this and get my account straightened out before my next payment is due. 

My account number is ******

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Customer Service Rep

tldrclay, thank you so much for reaching out to us regarding the issues with the reconnection fees. We understand that at times, the bill can get away from us and there may be a need for the assistance of a payment arrangement. Help is here. I am more than happy to review the account to see the validity of the reconnection fees as well as the offer of 50% credit. For the safety and security of your account, please remove/edit your post to remove your account number as this is a public forum for all to see. Lastly, I have sent you a private message. Please check for the private message and send a response there.