Billing issues... Continued

So I upgraded my phone beginning of September. I haven't upgraded thru Verizon since 2014. Maybe before. I can't remember. I upgraded thru an "authorized retailer" and when I spoke with the sales rep he specifically told me 1. I wouldn't be charged another upgrade fee. And 2. Because he forgot to use my Verizon Up rewards, I could call and have them applied to my bill. I paid cash up front for the phone and upgrade. He didn't use my Verizon Up and then made it sound as though it would take 2-3 hours to fix the issue by returning the phone, etc. But again, call and I could use the rewards towards the bill. I've been on the phone with Verizon 4 different times in the last 2 days with no explanation as to why I was told this and why I'm continuing to be charged the upgrade fee. They are also charging me another $10 because apparently I "can't pay the phone off completely without some 24mo payment. And it shows next month's bill as though I haven't paid the phone off at all. If it's not resolved, I'll be going elsewhere with my service. I've been a customer for 16 years and now I'm getting the run around on everything.

Re: Billing issues... Continued
Customer Service Rep

Upgrading should always be an exciting time! We are unable to apply Device Dollars to an order, after the order has been placed. You mentioned, you paid full retail for the device, but you're seeing a Device Payment. Have you had a chance to speak with the store regarding your sale?


Re: Billing issues... Continued
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1) Indirect stores are some of the shadiest places to do business with. These reps care more about their commission than you as a customer. Giving misinformation is common. Anything to get you out and avoid responsibility

2) You can't apply discounts to an order after it's been placed. This is for all industries, not just Verizon. Any discounts for an order have to be applied during the order process or else it would need to be canceled and a new order placed.

3) ALL stores, wether Verizon or not will charge an upgrade fee if your account was accessed. Same for reps over the phone or chat. Cost is $40 with them or $20 if you do it yourself. The only legitimate way to not have an upgrade fee from Verizon is either the rep manually removed during the order process or if there was a promo to waive. Otherwise you're waiting upwards to an hour for a CS rep to deny or approve a credit depending if they feel like it. I buy unlocked phones to not have to deal with any of this.

4) Indirect stores often overcharge with what they can get away with. a 699.99 retail phone suddenly becomes 710.00. This isn't a Verizon issue, it falls on that indirect chain. If your phone is attached to a promo where you get monthly credits, those fall off if you paid your phone off early.

5) You went to a store that's not Verizon. I'd suggest taking it with their manager or district manager. Verizon CS can't do anything about something an indirect store done, only corporate stores. Calling VZ CS for indirect issues is like going to a Walmart CS counter to complain because the cashier at the store McDonald's was rude. Be it TCC, Victra, Cellular Sales etc, you have to take this up with them.