Blacklisted by Verizon???

I'm really not sure what to put in here...

I would also like to preface this with the fact that I'm actually a T-mobile customer.

I got an iPhone when I turned 14 and since then I have been unable to SMS message anyone on the Verizon network. I'm now 21 and it's been a big issue over the last 7 years. Luckily I have been able to message ios users because message runs over data rather than traditional SMS protocol. Generally, I have been able to use other messaging apps for group messages with Android users on the Verizon network.

It behaves awfully weird too. I can receive messages from Android Verizon users, but I can't send texts to them. I can. however, send images and videos to them. Because of this, I have been screenshotting and cropping many messages that I want to send to these people.

Also, this applies to LITERALLY ANYONE on the Verizon network. Including Xfinity mobile, Gabb wireless, and others like them.

Before you go crazy in the comments, here's what I've tried.

Talk to T-Mobile. It's probably their fault.
I have multiple times and all the way up to some of their top technical teams and according to all measurements they have made, my phone number is totally fine. They say it's Verizon's fault for blocking my phone number.

Talk to Verizon
I've talked to Verizon a couple of times and they said they couldn't do anything about it. They tried to deflect the blame, but I think I still believe that the blame rests in Verizon's hands.

Is it a problem with my phone?
It might have been, cause I've only had iPhones, but I managed to test that through using the T-Mobile DIGITS service which sends an SMS message as if it was a non-ios device. The Verizon users still didn't get my texts.

So. What do I think? I think that I probably got blacklisted on the Verizon network because the former user of my phone number was a bad actor.

Why do I think this? Cause I regularly receive many messages and calls intended for some random Chinese person that I've never met. Stuff about insurance, taxes, income, etc. I think that my phone number was recycled in the same way that most numbers are when the line is closed, but that the previous user got it blacklisted back before I got my phone in 2016.

I'm desperate guys... any insights or help would be appreciated.

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