Block area codes

So there are some pretty dangerous numbers out there for kids and they all usually start with the same area codes or similar ones and such examples of these are dating lines sex lines and the list goes on!

Verizon must add a section to block outgoing calls to these numbers in a more general way of blocking the area codes!

i do not want my kids calling into these numbers and there are many ways to figure out these different numbers!

please block these area codes NOW!

Re: Block area codes
Customer Service Rep

As a parent myself, I definitely understand the importance of safety for all our kids.  Security is always a priority for us here at Verizon.  We appreciate your feedback and will have it submitted today.  While we do not have an exact timeline, it will definitely be looked at and handled internally.  We also offer great option  for parents we want to make sure you are aware of called Smart Family.  Here is more information:

We always are looking for ways that we can improve for you as a company.