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My daughter wants the Samsung rogue, but you need atleast a $10 data plan. I am willing to pay the $10. After I pay it, is there a way to block the internet, so this way she can't over-use the internet, or accidentally not log off.... Just looking to avoid a rediculous bill.

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Best option would be to upgrade to a Connect plan....come with unlimited data, unlike that money grabbing, ripoff 25 MB plan that is required.

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Yes, you can block the web (internet) access on that phone even with the $10 data plan. I have such a block on my daughter's enV Touch phone. I even block V Cast Music, ringtone, premium SMS and application (like games and ringtones) downloads. I only allow her to use V Cast Videos and text and picture messaging. I can even set up parental control to filter age appropriate content for her.  All of these blocks are free and available to you on My Verizon and if you are a registered user.