Blurry picture MMS


I recently got a new phone. My previous phone was a flip phone and pictures and videos sent to me via MMS were always clear. Now on my new phone (which is a smartphone), pictures all come thru very blurry to the point that I cannot read them. Many videos are also not coming thru, or they come thru as an image with an audio (which many times I cannot play back). I have tried calling verizon many times but have been given a different "solution" each time, all of which have not helped. THIS IS EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!

@verizon can you please help????

Re: Blurry picture MMS
Customer Service Rep

Hello, AHUVAS. We understand the importance of staying connected with others including picture messaging. A smartphone should give you better resolution that a basic flip phone. We are here to help. What type of phone do you currently have? You can respond to the Private Note we have sent to give more specific details.