Bundle Billing with Centurylink

I have been receiving bundled billing (Centurylink and Verizon Wireless) bills for years.  

This month Verizon Wireless bill was not included with my Centurylink bill.

I Chatted and received the following response:  "Thanks for your reply. Our records indicate that Century Link terminated the one bill. As they no longer offer this as an option, so going forward Verizon will send you a paper statement going forward. If you like you can also visit us on  click here to view, print and pay your bill."

I contacted Centurylink to confirm this statement.  I was informed that they do include both bills. They have never terminated the one bill bundle. There was a problem with the system this month. That is why I only received the Centurylink bill without Verizon bill.

Don't know why Verizon would make the above statement.

Misrepresentation is not good customer service.

Re: Bundle Billing with Centurylink
Customer Service Rep

We appreciate the many years that you've been a Verizon Wireless customer. You mentioned that CenturyLink confirmed that you will receive both bills. Did you receive your current wireless statement? SheritaH_VZW