CNAM database Verizon entry incorrect
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When Verizon customers receive a call from my business VOIP line, the caller ID shows as "Community Service Torrington CT." This is NOT correct. The CNAM database has correct and accurate information for our business number, which is not displayed correctly when only Verizon numbers are being called. (All other carriers do not have this problem)  I understand that Verizon uses a cached log of numbers, which is now outdated and no longer accurate. HOW DO WE GET THIS CORRECTED?  Our customers will not answer their phones when we call because our ID is being shown incorrectly.

I have tried calling the Verizon Business department but have not been able to reach anyone as we do not have a Verizon account, which appears to be a requirement to speak with someone.

This issue is impacting our ability to do business and service our clients. Can someone please provide a clear answer on how this can be remedied?

Thank you

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