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Hi, so I've had the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for around 2 months now. This sunday, I go to turn it on and the screen would not power on, but the buttons on the bottom lit up. Almost immediately, I called customer support and they told me that they would send out a Certified Pre-Owned phone to me, and I would send in the old one. So today, I get the new phone, but I see that if they found any faults such as abuse or liquid damage, I would be charged over $500 for the phone. I have a few questions, first being, I took a look at the battery and it looks like it is red, I am an active runner and this is in my pants sometimes, and I've heard that this a long with steamy showers or other things could set these off. Would I be billed for the phone just because of this? Also, what is the value of the Certified Pre-Owned device, I could certainly not be charged the full price of a Galaxy Note 2 if they decided the faulty indicators were set off, and they did not send me a new phone, but only a pre-owned device. Thanks for a response!

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It doesn't matter where the moisture comes from, if there is moisture present inside your phone, your warranty does not cover that and you will be charged.  They charge less than full retail price, but I assume that depends on the phone.

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What he said.  I think the charge is something like $450.

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I understand your concerns with the Damaged Device Fee!  I would like to clear up these concerns for you.  Customers returning a damaged device when receiving a Certified Like-New Replacement http://bit.ly/UlxGVT will be charged a non-refundable Damaged Device Fee.  A damaged device is defined as a device that has been subjected to neglect, misuse, liquid damage, or unreasonable wear and tear, damage that is not covered under warranty.  The fee is $299 for smartphones.  For liquid damages, we check for corrosion or discoloration on the charging port, headset or memory port.  We also check for moisture under the display lens.  If your device has any of these, I recommend returning the Certified Like-New Replacement to avoid the charge and we can look into other replacement options, such as our Certified Pre-Owned Replacement Program http://vz.to/16vfYHl.  Better yet, if you have insurance on your device, you can file a claim for the liquid damages here: http://bit.ly/07CrqPK.  Thanks!

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