Call Filter Block Level Setting
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This is such a simple thing, but I am not sure what Call Filter Spam Filter option to choose.  I want to choose the one that filters the most calls. I can read the choices either way.

All spam calls - any number IDed as spam. Does this block the most calls or the least?  I can read it either way.  Only fulled id'ed spam number and not potential ones?  Or is it every id'ed and potention spam number and include the choices below?

Medium and high risk - I'm assuming this is the middle ground.  I don't want that.  I want to filter as many of the bogus calls as possible.

High Risk Only - Potential fraud - number likely disguised. - Pretty much all the robocalls use spoofed numbers and 99% are fraudulent.  Do I choose this to filter both these calls and the 2 other options listed above?  Or is this the option that filters out the least amount of calls?

I get a lot of calls - upwards of 20 a day, because for years I've had a hobby of messing with the scammers.  While I waste their time, they can't scam someone gullible.  I've tired of that now, but am now on every conceivable scammer list!  I need the most robust filter I can set with Call Filter, but just cannot decide which option to use. 


Re: Call Filter Block Level Setting

Totally agree. This is 100% ambiguous

Re: Call Filter Block Level Setting

There are three levels of risk: All Spam Calls, Medium and High Risk, and High Risk Only, with All Spam Calls being the default. You might want to start with High Risk Only to avoid accidentally blocking legitimate calls and then dial it up if you keep getting bogus calls.