Caller ID does not get removed

I just found out that Verizon does not clear out the caller ID's on mobile phones lines when the phone line is deactivated.  The last user will still be attached to the caller ID which is a privacy issue.  I understand that numbers are available to view on google for public use, however when the line is deactivated the information from the last account should be wiped out from the line.  Once it is  reactivated to a new account it should take on that account profile.  This is how Verizon has always done phones in the past and now they have put it on the account managers only to make sure the changes take place.  I just got a new phone attached to my account and right from the start the caller ID was the last person who had the line which is a problem as I do not need to know the last person who did not pay their bill or gave up a Verizon line that is between Verizon that customer.  Please ensure this gets in the right hands to understand the issue as legal teams might like to know about how peoples privacy is being exploited.

Re: Caller ID does not get removed
Customer Service Rep

mountdman, thank you for the feedback regarding this Caller ID issue with the wrong number being displayed. We appreicate the feedback and will look into any common occurrences over this.


Please refer to the link here: under Using Share Name ID Question #1 on how to update the Caller ID for your existing number. It can take up to 24 hours for a Share Name ID change to take effect. Let us know if this helps correct the issue going forward.


- Alan