Calls going straight to voicemail. Do not ring Dallas/Fort Worth (Hurst)
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I've been having this problem since going to 4LTE.  My phone does not always pick up calls at my house.  I look at the phone and I have a voice mail, but no records of recent voice calls are being registered on the phone.  I had the problem back on 3G and Verizon Tech support sent me a Network Extender at NO CHARGE.  Now, I'm told to turn on Wi-Fi calling which is just as unreliable.  Apparently, my home is between two cell sites (and I have been told this by Tech Support and that an antenna will be adjusted to fix the problem which works for 3 months and returns to the same lousy coverage), and the system sometimes (not always) can't determine which site to send the call to.  The obvious answer is to provide me with a 4 LTE Network extender.  I am not going to pay $249 for a new one, when a few years ago, Tech Support acknowledged the network problem and solved my problem at NO CHARGE.

I've about had enough of this call problem.  I have an app that shows voice signal strength in my home and it shows I am barely in the OK range for the phone to answer.  I can walk through my house looking at the app and the needle moves from Ok, to Good and yet, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ does not answer 100% of the calls.  I'm am considering moving to another carrier and maybe I will get better coverage at my house.  What I need is a new network extender to solve the problem.  I really like Verizon but this continuing network problem at my residence is really starting to be a pain .  Prior to moving to Verizon, my AT&T service did not have problems.  I doubt moving to 5G will solve the problem and may make it worse due to the short range of each 5G cell.

How about sending me a 4LTE network extender?

Re: Calls going straight to voicemail. Do not ring Dallas/Fort Worth (Hurst)
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Let's check all options together.  A private message has been sent to assist you further.