Can someone have 2 phones in one line with different number?

My father does have a SSN and he is a verizon user, but I don’t have a SSN. I went to Verizon today with my father and the employee said SSN is required to be under his name. Here is my question, can my father have 2 different phones with 2 different numbers in one line and still pay the fee in his account? Also can he use family plan by having 2 phones?

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Hello, irene8253. Great question and help is here. I do want to make sure I understand the question and provide you with the answer. 


I see you asked if your father can have two different phones with two different number under one line. I think that is where the confusion comes in. Each phone is considered a line for billing purposes so this means the answer is no. 


Now, you can have one phone with a line for billing that has two number connected to that phone. It is called a dual SIM but in regard to your question, it is not possible to have two phones, with two different numbers under one billing line. I do hope this helps.