Can someone tell me how to file a formal complaint?
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We've been happy Verizon customers for a few years, but in the last two weeks, I have been so disappointed and frustrated with my experience. I am considering changing carriers, but there is only one other available in my rural community and I'd prefer not to use them. After this, though, I might not have any choice. 

We spent two weeks trying to upgrade our iPhone XRs to iPhone 13 Minis online while the $700 deal was available. It was impossible. There was one day when I spent over six hours just trying to add the upgrades to my cart on the website! It was slow, wouldn't load, kept freezing and erasing my cart, and when we added the second upgrade, it would wipe the first one from the cart. 

We spoke with customer service on the chat function over and over during these few days. I have proof that they assured us that the cart wasn't actually broken and that we could check out separately with each device (we were changing plans, too, and this didn't allow us to see all our account changes - an issue for a family on a budget). Overall, this didn't work out...

Jump to this week, and the website seems to be fixed but the $700 deal is no longer available. We are able to trade the XRs for $550 each toward the Minis bill, which is OK. Free would have been better, given the literal days we spent trying to get through the BROKEN website, but we bit the loss. What really irks me is that customer service lied to us. The cart is perfectly capable of checking out with two upgrades, which I proved when I checked out with the two upgrades in my cart - at a higher price - after two weeks of this. 

I paid $13 for next-day shipping that said the devices would arrive on 10/21 (yesterday) by 8pm. They didn't even ship until yesterday afternoon, and the tracking label wasn't even generated until I contacted customer service AGAIN to ask where my phones were. Now, the phones are already a day late, and they're delayed again. I took PTO to receive the phones yesterday, since they require a signature, and I spent hours working out how I'd somehow be home today to sign for them (can't use more PTO). 

They still aren't here, I can not be home to receive them at all early next week due to day-long trainings at work, and I'm already out money and PTO that I would not have had to spend if the website were operable and the customer service reps were honest. 

I have never filed a complaint before, but this has been an awful experience. A representative on the chat offered to have the $13 shipping fee refunded, but the devices are going to be at least five days late, they are costing us money they shouldn't have, we had to take PTO and make arrangements for two deliveries that never came through... we bit the original loss on the phone deal, but all together, this is just too much. Verizon really dropped the ball here, and I'm not sure I can continue service without something actually being done about this. 

Edit to add: We wanted to go to a store, but we really wanted Minis (the XRs are too big) and they're online-only. Also, I have tried to find a location to file a complaint, but I can't in the chat or the email service. They have things pretty locked down so that you have to pick a specific subject to write about, and "Complaint" isn't one of them. It should be. 

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I hope you get a resolution here and see you also replied to my disaster.

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The details you’ve shared are most helpful. I can’t begin to express our gratitude towards you for bringing this matter to our attention. Without feedback, procedures and systems go unchecked, and improvements can only be made with two-way dialogue. I am sending a Private Note so we can look into this closer.