Can't Activate a Replacement Pixel 6

I have been trying to activate my replacement Pixel 6 (old phone has cracked face, will not turn on), and it will not activate. I ordered the phone on line, picked it up at the store, they put it in a little bag for me and sent me on my way. After a couple of hours of trying to get it to activate I tried calling customer service with no luck. I was never able to speak to a human. The stores all closed at 7:00pm, so by the time I gave up on activating it myself they were all closed. I was able to get someone on the chat feature, and they said that the phone would "activate after midnight" because the order was pending. I've never had this issue before and I have never had a phone just sit like brick until midnight and then all of a sudden start working. Anyone have any suggestions or similar issues?

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Customer Service Rep

Hello Greg! Thanks for taking the time to post. I'm going to send you a private note in order to help you further!