Can’t Afford Phone Bill
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I am at my wits end!  I can't seem to catch up with my bill now that my income has went down.  I have been trying for months to cancel the plan on my apple watches.  Not only that but I feel very pressured to accept the payment arrangements that financial services gives even though I tell them that I can't make them.  Now here I am at a no go solution with my phones getting ready to be disconnected, which will incur almost $200 in reconnect fees.  At this rate I'll never get ahead.

I have asked a hundred times for someone to help me lower my bills, even it I have to go to only a few gigs a month.  I also have 3 ipads that I am willing to keep paying on until they are paid off but are never used but I am paying well over $60 a month just for data packages on them. 

I am drowning and don't know what to do.

Re: Can’t Afford Phone Bill
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I am right their with you and all their asking for is more money. I wasn’t even aware that unlimited was going up too $70 dollars I would have taken my poor a** somewhere else .