Can't Upgrade Phone - Pending Order on Your Account
I ordered a new iPhone 12 Pro through Verizon website and selected same day Local Pickup. A call to the local Verizon shop 4 hours later revealed yesterday they actually did NOT have this phone in stock and told me to cancel the order online. I cancelled the order online but now am unable to upgrade the phone again. I get a message stating I have a pending order on my account. I chatted with an agent for over an hour, who told me I needed to call to talk to a live agent, which I did. The live agent phone system transferred me to Chat Box again, which says the order is cancelled, but the order remains in the system and I am still unable to upgrade due to "pending order in system". So I called the live number again, hit 0, waited on hold and finally got a live person. Spent 30 minutes and they assured me the order is cancelled and I should be able to upgrade and asked me to wait a "little while". Next day I still have the issue. Very frustrating.
Re: Can't Upgrade Phone - Pending Order on Your Account
Customer Service Rep

Hello there paulmontaperto and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have replied to you via a PM. Please look out for this message and respond so that we can help you further with this matter.