Can't fix problem with order
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I placed an order for two new iPhone 13 Pro devices on November 24. We also upgraded our plans to take advantage of the $650 per line/device credit and are trading in our old iPhones. My new phone was in stock and available to ship immediately with free 2-day shipping, but my husband’s new phone was on back order and won’t ship until December 17.

I specifically asked whether my phone would ship immediately or if they would wait and ship it with my husband’s phone on December 17.  I need a new phone with more storage ASAP, so I was going to choose local pickup instead of shipping if they weren’t going to ship my phone right away. The customer rep confirmed *twice* that my phone was in stock and would ship immediately, and that my husband’s phone would ship later in a separate shipment.

Today I discovered that my phone is being held until December 17, so that Verizon only has to send one shipment. After getting nowhere with online chat (I couldn’t reach a live agent), I spent two hours trying to resolve this on the phone with customer service. All I wanted was for them to move up the shipment date for my phone and ship it immediately as promised. I was told that I would have to cancel my order and pay for a new order, then wait for a refund for my original order.

I wasn’t willing to risk Verizon creating more problems with the order, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. After all, the only thing I wanted was to have my phone – which is in stock and for which I paid all the required fees – to be shipped right away as promised. After another 45 minutes waiting for the supervisor I was told he wouldn’t take my call because he was too busy. I was PROMISED that a supervisor would call me back and the rep PROMISED to text me a confirmation that a supervisor would be calling.  She didn’t, so I assume no one is going to call me to resolve this problem.  At this point, it seems that my best option would be to cancel my Verizon service and switch carriers.

Re: Can't fix problem with order
Customer Service Rep

We would never want you to settle for lesser service because of this. Unfortunately, this would require cancelation of the order. A supervisor would not be able to bypass this requirement, as there is no option to move up the shipment of an order. If there is any additional information that we can look into for you on this matter, please let us know.