Can't login to apple music with new Iphone

I recently switched phones to a new Apple 13 pro Max, coming from a Google pixel 3XL.  I have the beyond unlimited plan so I have the free Apple music with my plan.  With my Google pixel I logged into my Apple music using my phone number and a password as the login.  If I try to login to Apple music with that as the critera it pops up as "Verification Failed.  You are not a member of the administrator group."

If I try to login with my apple ID It says "This subscription is already being used with a different Apple ID."

I've been through tech support with both Verizon and Apple numerous times and no one can get it to work.  I've tried unenrolling and re enrolling a couple times. Apple support says my account for my Apple music is my phone number so that should be the one I have to use for my login.

Any help because I'm paying for it and extremely frustrated with not being able to use a service I'm paying for.

Re: Can't login to apple music with new Iphone
Customer Service Rep

MattB2, thank you so much for reaching out to us today. We do want to make sure that you can use your Apple Music on your new iPhone 13 Pro Max. To confirm, did you log out of the Apple Music from your Pixel Device? -Kevin