Can't pay my bill online
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I have been using online bill pay for years, today I log on and try to pay and when I hit the confirm pay button, it just refreshes the page. I've tried different browsers, same issue. So I try the chat option, operators all busy, wait.

So I called the support line, and guess what, all operators busy, wait...

This is not what I pay for or expect in customer service.

Bye Verizon....

Re: Can't pay my bill online
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Hello gfontes,


We want you to be able to manage your account quickly and easily. I assure you that we value your time, and we know that no one likes to wait. I'm so sorry to learn of any issues when paying your bill, and I'm right here to assist you. Upon review, I'm not showing any issues with My Verizon or payments at the time of your post, so please provide some additional details. Tell me, were you using a web browser at or were you using the My Verizon application on your device? Since posting, have you been able to make your payment? Please let us know if you need any additional assistance, thanks so much. 



Re: Can't pay my bill online

I had the same issue, now that I finally left Verizon they are sending me messages about a bill due but not able to view anything online - says not available.

Good riddance Verizon - best of luck having an attorney pay a bill you refuse to give him access to.

Re: Can't pay my bill online
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