Cancelled iPhone 14 pro max
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On 9/21 I ordered a iPhone 14 pro max in store. Early morning. About 10 minutes after I found out that a Verizon retailer had the one I wanted in stock. I immediately called to cancel my order, as I did not want to wait 2-3 weeks to get it. When I called the lady said it was cancelled and I would be able to get my phone in store that Same day no problem.waa not able to because order was not cancelled. Even though kn my app it says it has been cancelled. I have been calling every day since because when I go in store they tell me it's not cancelled. But when I call , they assure me it has been cancelled and I could go in to the store and pick one up. I can't seem to get a straight answered from someone as to why it shows cancelled but I am not able to go get a new one.


Re: Cancelled iPhone 14 pro max
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I am sorry to learn about what happened with your iPhone 14 Pro Max order. I can definitely take a closer look into this for you. To continue, I will also send you a private Note, thank you!