Cancelled service and still billed for over a year
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Verizon Wireless Service ordered. Was promised first month free March 2022. Received equipment with first month being billed. Called to ask why I was being billed with first month free. Said I was ineligible. So I said I do not wish to be a customer and sent all equipment back unopened, unused April 2022. Verizon confirms receipt within 30 days and agrees to close account. Account was never closed. Continued to receive bill, April 2022. Called to contest account needed to be closed. Refused to close account, and hit my credit scoring by more than 115 points. Filed dispute with Experian and Verizon again. Verizon agreed to have management look at the account. Continued to receive bill for $78 dollars throughout all of 2022. Called Verizon and to customer service rep. Lionel in November and December of 2022. He and his Supervisor, Heather, agreed to pull my account and personally send to upper management to have account closed. Would take till end of January 2023. February 2023, continued to receive bill for $78 dollars, Verizon refuses to close account. Called Verizon escalating team March 2023, customer service rep ensured this account would finalize and close and that it should have officially closed in January 2023. Received bill yet again dated 5/27/2023. Verizon is refusing to write this undue balance off as I have never used their equipment, never used their service (WIFI/FIOS Internet) and returned all equipment unopened/unused within 30 days which Verizon verified that I have. This is incessant harassment and I feel I have grounds for class action. Please make Verizon close my account and stop harassing me. Thank you.

Filed this complaint with FCC, above is the carbon copy. 

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