Cannot activate Galaxy Watch 4 --Error 109, or 0. Is Watch 4 a Lemon?? DO NOT BUY GALAXY WATCH 4
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Yup. I am in the exact same position as many people and the same error code.  In fact, I got my Watch 4 back from Samsung repair service two days ago and, guess what, it still does not work and cannot be activated.   Is this Verizon's fault now??

Firstly, on the Wearable app that I keep downloading from Play store does NOT have a use QR code screen!! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app too many times, yet I get no QR Code screen.  I have to use a developers hack on the Wearable app to activate the QR code scree via Test eSIM selection.  This happens for a lot of folk.  Why?

I talked in some length with a tier 2 person who was seemed knowledgeable about the how the activation works with the QR code.  My Watch, for example, is fully provisioned and activated on their end.  It is waiting for the device to connect and download the programming.  The QR code after scanning is supposed to download to the Wearable app and this the programs the eSIM on the Watch.  However, there is a glitch between Wearable app and Watch since the app thinks that the watch and the eSIm are not matched.

Another thing he agreed that there is an LTE problem with the Watch 4.  Since the app does not get a proper response from the watch it does not see it as an LTE device and fails to download the programming --false Watch vs QR code mismatch.  More interestingly, I get an error on the wearable app that "Your service provider has not set up mobile plan".  What could this mean?  That Verizon QR code set up is not correct??

When I got my Watch back the first time, I had just said that I am not receiving notifications. However, Samsung support it clearly said "LTE service repaired" so it is something they know about?  But of course they really did not repair the problem, since the Watch 4 still has the same issue.  What they most likely did is to send me a replacement --- where a whole bunch of Galaxy Watch 4 Classics have the same problem.  So it is Watch4 widespread issue, and the Watch 4 is a lemon!!  I think all their replacement watches are the same.

Unfortunately, if these were simple software problems then either Verizon or Samsung could have fixed a while back.  This makes me think that the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has a hardware problem that cannot be fixed without recalling all these watches.  This is a very bad scenario.