Cannot call Gizmo watch (and customer service is horrible!)
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I transferred my service from AT&T to verizon and purchased two Gizmo watches approximately one month ago.  From day 1, I am not able to call the Gizmo watches from my iphone 11.  The watches can call me and I can text the watches (through the app).  All other phone numbers can call the watches and I have no other problems calling out from my phone.

I started using the chat to describe this problem and either got disconnnected or someone would give me a ticket number and then never get back to me. Thereafter I began calling customer service and, on two occasions, actually went into a Verizon store and called customer service with them. I have put in 4 tickets over the past 3 weeks and EVERY tier 2 tech support person states they will absolutely call me back within 72 hours and THEY NEVER DO.  It's absolutely insane!  None of them will give me a direct line, either so when I call back, I get a new person and I have to start my story over.  The crazinest part is that no one can ever do anything with my ticket number either!  It's like they are making up these numbers! They just say that they see I've been calling a lot and that troubleshooting was done and then make me try all the things perviously tried, say they need to "bump it up", give me another ticket number, and the saga starts over again.  The customer service rep from Verizon was actually shocked by the incompetence!

I'm wondering

1) How can I get tech support to actually work on this problem?  Or at least call me back?  And, how can I get a direct line to the same person who can help me each time so I don't have spend hours on the phone.  (I am on hour about 30 of trying to deal with this...)

2) Has anyone come across this problem before and been given a solution?

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