Cannot get refund

Hi.  I returned a phone and it took forever to get a credit.  I was worried that autopay would charge my checking so I called and they set up a promise to pay four days after my payment date and said no charge would occur until them. 

That turned out ti be untrue and I was charged for my phone and bill. I called the next day and they said they would refund the entire amount and it would take 5 business days.  2 weeks later I still havent received my money. So I called.  Again.  They said that the refund had been denied, but they would request a refund just for the phone. Today I called and they said there was no request made to refund the money.  She put me on hold and after 45 min the call dropped. 

You stole money from my account and wont give it back

Re: Cannot get refund
Customer Service Rep

Hello, Kabhold. We appreciate all the details you have provided here about the refund issue. We want to make sure this issue is resolved once and for all, so you don't have to worry about this anymore. To get started, we are sending you a Private Note.   *Cassie