Carrier Switch Rebate Fiasco
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My husband and I switched 5 lines from Cricket to Verizon in November 2022.  At the time, they were giving $200 in rebates for every line switched.  The person working at the store said it would take 8 weeks to get these rebates via email.  8 weeks went by, and no rebates.  My husband went back in the store to ask the employee and he said we should of received an email about the rebate, but no email was ever received, nor did he say anything about that when we purchased our phones.  The store employee resent the email we never received the first time and we waited another 8 weeks.  

After this 8 weeks, still no rebates.  My husband went back to the store and the employee said that they expired and we should be receiving an $800 check from Verizon.  I didn't trust what this person said, knowing what was told to us previously.

On March 30, my husband contacted Verizon through chat. Justin told my husband we needed to work with the store, but the store told us we needed to work directly with Verizon....someone is giving us the run around.

I (his wife) called Vectra Verizon yesterday and spoke with Ella.  Ella assured me she would give me a call back today (March 31), verifying receipt of this so-called rebate, but no call was ever received.   She said I should have it within 24 hours, which would of been today March 31.

I called back to Vectra Verizon and spoke with Gerald (who somehow got disconnected after I explained this situation), then was prompted to speak with Will.  Having to explain the situation again, elevating my frustration, Will is now tell me that he escalated the rebate form (which Ella did yesterday as well) and I should have the rebate in 3-4 business days.  He also said that the rebate expired, but we never did receive a rebate, so not sure how it can expire.  He also stated that it is good for 1 year, so if we did receive it, it hasn't been 1 year, so can it expire?!  Will is to call me back on Monday at 3pm central time....if he does not, I will again call back very frustrated and be asking to speak with a supervisor.

I find this extremely unacceptable as a consumer to take advantage of the rebates Verizon uses to get customers to switch over to their service.  It is past 30 days, so I would have pay fees in order to stop service,  so that unfortunately is not an option.  They leave us with no choice.

Verizon NEEDS  to stream line this process to make it easier for consumers.  This causes frustration and it seems to be that Verizon does not honor what they advertise.  We are very displeased with this situation.

Re: Carrier Switch Rebate Fiasco
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Thank you for that information. We are more than happy to assist with your concerns. Would you please send us a Pm, so we can further assist.