Cash Only Status
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My account is on cash only status. (Not been the easiest year for me but I’m finally current and am trying to upgrade since I’m financially sound again and will be for the foreseeable future). I understand cash only status, so I went to the store to complete my upgrade. (Literally the only option given under this circumstance) The CSR and the GM of the corporate store I went to were both unable to fathom the cash only stipulation and told me I could not upgrade my phone. I know I can upgrade on cash only status as I’ve done it with one of my lines in February with no issues. However I live in a rural area and going to a different store is not an option. What direction should I take now since following Verizon’s instructions to go in store aren’t feasible due to the lack of understanding by the store employees? 


furthermore, if I’m using the same debit card to go in store to complete the same purchase for the same product, what is the point of cash only status, even? My payment is processed via debit card, my in store payment would be via debit card. Going in-store doesn’t change the ability for me to complete my payment in the allotted time? 


not looking for a full analysis of cash only status, just unsure what to do now since I did exactly what I’m supposed to do and the store employees can’t process my request.