Cell Service has Declined - zip 36480
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When we visit my in-laws in 36480, we use to have decent service.  We noticed a large decline in coverage this September and November.  It use to be great 4 bar LTE, now 1 or 2.  Wife posed questioned on FB and had a couple comments that service had declined since the storms early this fall.   Does VZ look into declines in service?  

We are shopping for 3 new phones and a IPad.   We are thinking about ATT.   

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I been having poor coverage down to one bar and for months get nothing but script excuses they don't seem concerned one rep replied on here having one bar is good

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This is not the outcome we want to have take place. We want to do all we can to keep you in the Verizon family. We do not currently have reports of a service interruption or decline near your zip code. Does this seem to impacting calls, data, messaging, or some combination? Have there been any changes in the area, such as new buildings?