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We are in a fairly urban area, and have had great coverage previously. In the last 6-9 months it has gotten to the point where I can no longer keep or make cell calls in my neighborhood. We now have a dead zone that is almost 1/2-1 mile in every direction from our home.  We use to be able to make and answer calls within the house, now we cant at all. I work from home, and this is ridiculous. We are not far from one of their FIOS locations, and have cell towers near us.

We've done all the resetting our networks, did the airplane mode on/off, everything. Each day it's worse. What can be done. I'm ready to bail on FIOS and Cell service from Verizon. I pay nearly 600/mo for both services, and am not getting anything close to that for actual service.

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We're sorry to read that you are having these issues with your service, and we want to take a look. We've sent you a private note. ~Peter