Cell coverage decreasing over the last year
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I had ATT when I moved to the Adirondacks and switched to Verizon because of the superior data coverage in my area (12901).  Over the last Year 4G reception and coverage has been decreasing.  I have tried everything, reset phone, updated software, and tried every suggestion and double checked every setting on my brand new galaxy S10 phone.  I pay a good amount of money for unlimited data, and I have recently downgraded from unlimited plus because I was no where near the limits.  There should be no reason that my data is now unavailable in previously fine areas, unless Verizon is either uninstalling towers or decreasing my data availability as a repercussion despite no even being close to my data limits.  More likely, Verizon is now restricting my data access because I downgraded my data plan, even though I still have no where close to using all of my available data.  I will definitely  not recommend Verizon to people new to the area as I have in the past until this issue is resolved, and may actually switch back to ATT.  It seems ridiculous that 4G availability would decrease for this long now.

Re: Cell coverage decreasing over the last year
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It's concerning that you feel that you are having this experience. Please meet us in a Private Note, so we can assist you with this matter. *Bee