Cell service issues intermittently
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Over the past four weeks, I have lost cell phone coverage for no rhyme or reason.  There is no pattern or location that is similar.  I will go a few days with no issues and then look at my phone and see no bars.  In order to resolve I must restart my phone and then it is fine. It has already happened twice today (by noon).  The frustrating part is I do not notice it for several hours and people were trying to reach me.  My software is up-to-date.  Are there any other settings I should be updating?

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I am having the same issue!  I have had my iPhone upgraded - still the same issue.   I had my new iPhone replaced with a warranty - still the same issue. I have had my eSIM reset several times (on all 3 phones)- still the same issue.  Verizon store told me today to come back for another phone replacement if resetting the eSIM didn't work.  If that doesn't fix it, they said I'll need to see Apple.  But it's not an Apple problem!!  It's driving me insane!!  Did you get your issue taken care of?!