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Has anyone had any success getting an answer to this question: "Are there any plans to expand network coverage at my house and in the general neighborhood?" If so, can you share how you got it? 

I tried the 'chat' option, which is a total unmitigated disaster. If Verizon senior management saw that chat thread, even they would have to agree that they are not only wasting their money even having that function, they are truly running customers off. They asked the same questions ('need more information') a dozen times , the constantly changing rep did not (or are not not allowed) to read the previous interactions, and they kept on trying to sell me a booster.  The chat ended with 'we have identified a problem in your area, and it is being worked on' ...which is exactly the same answer I got on two prior attempts to get an answer from them for the same question.   I must have told them a dozen times 'this is not about the signal in my house, it's about the signal outside my house and in my general geography'. My $500 booster cannot boost an almost nonexistent signal.

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