Challenging Customer Experience- Request assistance
On March 17th, I contacted Verizon Wireless via chat to add a new line, upgrade an existing line and cancel a line as part of your BOGO offer for the Iphone 12 pro. There was an issue with the payment processing at the time and I was told to call phone support to complete my order. I called phone support at that time and was assured there were no issues with my order and everything would be processed.
On March 18th, I received 1 phone for the upgraded line. I called to check the status on adding the new line and was told the order was processing and that I should still receive the phone shortly.
On March 19th, after calling customer service again, I was assured that the upgraded line hadn't been processed and I needed to re-pay the tax on the upgraded line. I authorized payment and was told I should expect the phone no later than Tuesday.
I never received the phone despite several calls to customer service and assurance from a supervisor Julie(or Joy, not sure at this point) that it would be resolved. This supervisor called me once on 3/25 to say the situation had been escalated and I haven't heard anything since then.
On Friday, 3/26, I reached out on Facebook and connected with Erich who was very sympathetic and assured me that he would get me a phone ASAP. Despite all this, and TWO more authorizations and my stating repeatedly that I did not want 2 more phones shipped to me, Erich insisted it was the only way to resolve this. Trusting his judgment, we finally received a second phone on Tuesday, 3/30.
I received a third phone on 3/31 and refused delivery at the advice of your social media team. Of course, I was billed the taxes for this third delivery that I refused. Since then, I've contacted customer service through facebook twice more and have worked with Baldo and Janelle, and no one can give me answers or satisfaction on when I can expect a refund of this second order of taxes.  I'm being told 
"Our team does not refund taxes, we are not allowed to touch taxes. Those get automatically refunded to your when our warehouse receives the devices. How long ago did you return the devices? - Aaliyah "
I don't have any confidence that Fedex  is going to do the right thing considering they've messed this up 3 or 4 times already. I don't have any confidence that Verizon will do the right thing because I've spent over 20+ hours on this and reached out more than a dozen times simply with the goal of 1: Upgrading a line, and 2: Adding a new line to take advantage of a promotion you're offering.
Where do we go from here?
Jeffrey McGee
Sad and disappointed Verizon Customer
Re: Challenging Customer Experience- Request assistance
Customer Service Rep



It sounds like you've been very patient through this process and I'm very sorry you've had to deal with all this. I'm glad you finally got the phone, but waiting on those taxes I know is less than ideal. 


I can absolutely provide you with a timeline for when those taxes will be refunded. Taxes are indeed automatically refunded when the phone is checked back into our warehouse. This isn't something you have to count on happening, it is automatic. You can track when that gets back to us using the same tracking number it was delivered to you with. Usually it takes 1-2 days to be checked back in once it arrives. At that point the refund will be automatic. From then how long it takes to appear in your bank account/back on your card really depends on the bank/card holder. It can be up to 5 business days, but it can be almost instant. Every payment source is different.