Charge for service I did not receive

I recently started service with Verizon. I ordered service online on Sunday 8/21/22, received 2 of 3 phones on Wednesday 8/24/22, 3rd phone on Thursday 8/25/22. I received a statement charging me for August up to 8/23/22. I would like the bill corrected. I should not be charged for a month of service I did not receive.

Any advice on how to deal this issue outside of going to Better Business Bureau? Will do that if necessary, hoping for other options.

Re: Charge for service I did not receive
Customer Service Rep

Welcome to the Verizon Wireless family, Alsoaldrin! To confirm, is this a Next Bill Summary, or an actual bill? You can confirm this by logging into My Verizon and navigating to My Billing. You will see if an actual bill has been generated.