Charged for product not received
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For anyone reading this, do you know what your IMEI number is?  If not, you better write it down. 

I have had to deal with the terrible customer service of Verizon as the warehouse messed up when returning a broken phone.  And it all came down to the IMEI number.  After MONTHS of telling my story over and over to many agents at Verizon that I did not have an "extra" phone they were charging me for, someone finally figured it out it was their fault all along.  They sent me two replacement phones and I sent two back.  But they say I didn't send the right one because the IMEI number didn't match.  Verizon attempted to charge over $1000 for their mistake.  Anyone looking for a new phone or service, do NOT use this company.  I will be changing as soon as my contract is up.