Chat Conversations with Live Agents take a Long time
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I have had several live chat conversations with Verizon agents lately. I must say that they are the worst in terms of the following:

1. Response time. Minutes go by before you get a reply sometimes.

2. English is very poor. Many times you can't make out what they are saying.

3. Way too many pleasantries that take up time. "How is your day going today?".

I had a chat today that lasted about 15 minutes. All I needed was a shipping label to return a phone I was trading in. This is just crazy.

I get the impression that these agents are having multiple chats concurrently. Which creates frustration on the customer's end.

I suggest VZW take a sampling of the lengths of these chats and they will see they go on way too long.

Re: Chat Conversations with Live Agents take a Long time
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1) Multiple chats going on at once, no one can respond instantly to several people at the same time.

2) Depends on the person. 

3) Blame Verizon for this. For some reason they feel this fake scripting is more professional. They actually complain if a person is too straight to business.

For something as basic as a shipping lable, Verizon is atrocious at providing tools to help agents help customers. Instead you're expected to navigate through a poorly designed website.

Re: Chat Conversations with Live Agents take a Long time
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They do take while for responding I often get same scripts repeated and silence in hours

Re: Chat Conversations with Live Agents take a Long time

I am getting same message all day today 10/11/21.  They turned phone off and I can’t reach anyone.  I have a family member sick with Covid and have no phone to reach them and no way to contact and speak with someone at Verizon.  This is terrible terrible customer service.  Their quick to turn off service but can’t help to get it back on.  This is how they treat a 15 year customer Wow, no sense of loyalty or appreciation for someone whose given them thousands of dollars over the years!!