Chat Help Terrible

I was told yesterday, by a customer service rep over the phone that by removing my ex wife from my account, she would take all charges that she was responsible for with her when she created a new account for herself. I gave her a day to take care of this so she wasn't disconnected with no regard as to why. Today I started a chat with a Verizon rep who indicated to me that I was responsible for these charges, as the billing cycle had ended a month ago. I escalated the chat up to a supervisor, Kaden. Kaden told me that maybe I should take it up with my ex wife, at which time he ended the  chat session and suspended my account? I am currently trying to resolve this issue with another rep via phone who seems to be more interested in resolving the issue. I did however, have to wait 21 minues on hold after receiving my "call back" from the company. I think it may be time to consider a new carrier after 16 years with Verizon. 

Re: Chat Help Terrible
Customer Service Rep

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