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I do not understand how such a massive company can have such shady and careless customer service. 

I chose to switch to Verizon specifically because of the BYOD $250 rebate offer in January. I try to be very careful to read fine print... I even realized I made a mistake by selecting a "shared plan" and caught it right after check out that I needed an "unlimited plan" to qualify for the rebate. When I realized (like... 10 minutes later), I responded to the Verizon chat window that pops up and asks if you have any questions. Long story short, I asked if it was too late to switch, it said no, but you actually don't need to be on the unlimited plan to qualify for the $250 MasterCard rebate. Awesome! I thought - I didn't need to question Verizon itself, plus, I had the chat transcript!

So, I was surprised when my rebate came back invalid due to not being on an unlimited plan, but didn't think it would be a huge issue because I was so careful to be sure that I qualified for the rebate before fully switching my account and phone over. 

I went to the chat feature on the Verizon rebate site. The first rep blew me off completely, even after telling them about the information I received on the day I switched to Verizon online. After that, I found the email containing that transcript of the chat. I went back and started a new customer service chat on the rebate site and explained again, including the reference number that I was sure would clear everything up. She eventually said she would escalate the request and to check back in 2 weeks.

I gave it almost 3 weeks. Status - still invalid. Went back to chat with Verizon rebate rep. They reviewed, but because I was never on an unlimited plan - still invalid. I tried to explain, he was rude. I decided to call. Rebate call rep told me their hands were tied, so best bet was to call Verizon customer care- ok, makes sense to me. Legally they probably can't make exceptions for ACTUAL rebates. 

She transferred me to the regular Verizon CS line. I got a girl that does NOT know what a HOLD button is. I explained the situation:

Being specifically told by a Verizon rep via chat online that I DID NOT NEED TO BE ON AN UNLIMITED PLAN to qualify for the rebate - that my shared plan would still qualify me for the same $250 rebate. This was even after I specifically questioned needing to switch to unlimited.

I have PROOF in the form of a chat transcript - including the REFERENCE NUMBERDATE, and, EXACT TIME down to the seconds - in my email. 

UNDERSTAND that I don't qualify for the rebate because I am not on an unlimited plan - the point is that I was told I DID NOT NEED TO BE.

She called her supervisor over and said "HEY this girl thinks she should get 250 dollars cause she didn't get the right plan." Neither of them could find the chat transcript with this conversation corroborating what I was saying. The 1st girl suggested she just wasn't high enough up to see chats. Then when I asked to talk to her supervisor, over at least 15-20 minutes, giving her the reference number twice, the date and exact time more than once, trying not to slam my head against the table 15 times, she swears up and down that the chat is NO WHERE in her system (she says she searched every way possible). I asked "what is the point of getting a chat reference number if it is useless?". She continued to tell me that unfortunately I didn't qualify without an unlimited plan for the rebate. IF they could verify somehow, that what I am saying was true (though they aren't suggesting I am lying - of course) they could do something for me, but since they have no proof of a conversation, there is nothing they can do. 

Oh - they also can't accept emails - when I say I can forward them the transcript I received directly from Verizon. 

THIS IS CRAZY NONSENSE. I DO NOT complain frequently and it takes a lot for me to feel wronged and not let it go. I work in customer service so I give a lot of leeway to people I speak to. This was unbelievable. 

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I switched to Verizon in 2022, from ATT, I added a new line and purchased new phones for my lines .

Verizon offered 4 rebates, I have communicated more than 10 times via chat, phone and have never been able to receive the advertised gift cards for 200$ each.

After all these months I finally got one of the rebate representatives Angel, very nice and knowledgeable, he told me to use  a  code  and that I would get my cards emailed to me after the submission.

Weeks past by and I finally entered the code, in a matter of a day I received notice that they couldn’t approve my rebate because of the dates submitted with the rebates. I am in disbelief, and I researched this rebate issue with Verizon online and found hundreds of unsatisfied customers that have been through the same situation, what an awful practice. Promise customers rebates to switch and then derail every effort to obtain the cards.

For months I have been promised calls from supervisors, emails that never arrived, codes that did not work and this is a disgrace. After 22 years with ATT, I have to say I am very disappointed that I switched to Verizon for better service and this is what I get. I am writing to Corporate but this is not the way to get customers. I went online and found out this is a common practice, they never send you the welcome email with the rebate information and then after the 30 days they play stupid! Absolutely unacceptable. 

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