Account turned over to collections.

verizon turned over an account we didn’t even know existed to collections.  Now, because it is in collections, they are advising they can do nothing.  EXCUSE ME…they have sold the account and should credit this amount they received back to us to pay off this collection debt.  Verizon opened up an account with iPhone 13 pros attached to it.  We have a current account we believed we were paying off these phones on, and have learned that iPhone 13 phones are attached to this account, not the iPhone pros.  We had good trade-ins so, at this time, the iPhone pros should be paid off or nearly paid off on our current open account, hence cancelling the debt for the iPhone 13 pros.  Verizon has stated since the account has been turned over to collections, there is nothing they can do as all paperwork has been turned over to collections.  This is ridiculous, as the first collection agency (we have not been sold out to a different collection agency) sent me the paperwork on this account.  

Verizon is to blame here but is not willing to accept the blame and take care of this issue.  

where is customer service and stepping up to the plate, taking responsibility, and correct this issue.  SHAME on you Verizon!!!

The amount sent to the collection agency is $2,099.98, OUCH!!!  We are not talking a small amount!!!!  This amount is for the iPhone 13 pros only—no monthly invoices, etc.  HUH???

Verizon is telling me it is now between the collections agency and us.  EXCUSE ME, the collection agency isn’t gonna back down, not when they have spent $$ to get the account.  I was also told to contact the 3 credit reporting agencies?  Huh?  I have no clue who that is!   

Would sure appreciate all help!!  Thanks all!!!!