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Will try to sum it up quickly:

Active duty military. Canceled my phone line in El Paso, TX store. Showed my orders and paid remaining monthly balance. Had to go next day and show orders again since they didn't make a copy. While in Korea I noticed they charged me for an additional month. Had sister go in with a Power of Attorney and orders to handle it; she did. She was told "my bad." As far as I was concerned it was done and over, never heard another word.

Yesterday, I receive a credit report notification saying it went to Jeff Cap for collections; dropped my credit score by 45 points.

I call Verizon SIX TIMES. 100% unwilling to help and would rather lose my service. I informed Verizon that I would pay VERIZON the $176 if they were willing to admit their mistake and call the collections agency to remove it from my credit report. Again, unwilling to do so.


I currently have several phone lines and new phones. I pay +$250 monthly. It seems ridiculous that Verizon is willing to lose that amount of money over $176 that I am willing to pay them.

Was never allowed to speak with a manager or supervisor.

When I did speak to the "recovery dept" she told me she couldn't even talk to me and just forwarded me to the collections agency. Ridiculous again.

I call Jeff Cap, they don't have the account, told me to call another agency. I figured, I would. I gave them my name, says he cant find me in the system. Asks me for my SSN, current address, current phone number, etc. I tell Mr. LaDon Barnes that this sounds crazy that he needs to aske me all this and informed him he should have it and I would not call him back.


Call Verizon AGAIN this morning, still unwilling to help. Told me to deal with collections.


Conclusion: Verizon support is trash.


I'd would still like to file a complaint with whoever can be reached. It is a mega corp, maybe they don't care about losing my petty $250 a month for the next 12 months ($3000) not include all the upgraded phones etc my teenage kids will want over the next 5-7 years. Ridiculous.

Re: Collections....
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When an account is written off, there is a literal note on the account that says do not quote or give any information on account. They are instructed to give the agency's name and number. Chances are the bill you paid was for the last completed cycle and not the cycle you requested cancellation as a disconnect happens at the end of the billing period -- this means you did have one last bill that went unpaid.

Agency's aren't going to have SSN etc. and will ask that to confirm it's your debt. look up debt validation letter. If they don't respond within 30 days to prove it's yours, it can be dropped off.  Constantly calling Verizon about it is just wasting your time and the agent's time. Use the validation letter instead.