Complain about a rude and untrained employee of an official Verizon store at Tysons Coner, Virginia

Sorry for taking the time, but I would definitely complain about a store visit experience on Dec 28 afternoon at Verizon official store at Tysons Coner Center, Mclean, Virginia. I'm complaining about this employee, whose chest name card wrote "son".
(8078 Tysons Corner Ctr Ste K2u, McLean, VA 22102)

When I stepped into the store, there were already about 10 customers. There is no any line sign and no employee there guiding customers. So no customer knows where to sign in or when can they get any help from the employee. The scenario was totally a mess, including a mom, with her two little children, that have no idea where to wait for any possible help or service. This employee "son" was at the service desk but keep talking on his phone. The key is, at least 3 customers were stand in front his service desk, but "son" even didn't look up to any of them for at least 10 mins. I joined them then, and found all of them 3, even just stand in front of the service desk, were confused about the where to find the service/help.

Finally, already waited for a while, we had to disrupt his talking on his phone and asked "excuse me sir, where can we wait for the service". He replied shortly, "oh I'm busy, bla bla, I can sign you in now and you can wait for about one hour" with no respect attitude at all. I don't think he really signed in something, he didn't get my phone number and didn't input anything after I tell him my name.

All the customers there were fully understand and respect an employee's potential busy, but didn't get the same respect back.
Such behavior lets others feel this employee has no willing to help people even he's at a service job. Even he was working on something in his job, that doesn't mean he should take ignoring all the waiting customers for granted. All the customers with no line guidance at all are innocent, but their time was wasted.

I'm a loyal customer of Verizon and always satisfied with the quality of mobile service you provided. However, such untrained employee behavior, if can be condoned, will definitely hurt the reputation of the Verizon service. If Verizon has any customer care department, as an average customer, I strongly suggest this employee "son" should be investigated.

Re: Complain about a rude and untrained employee of an official Verizon store...
Customer Service Rep

RichardMLu, I appreciate you telling me this, so I can pass the message on. During this holiday season, it can get quite busy and we may be short staffed so I apologize to you that your experience at our Mall location was not a stellar one. 


I was able to review the store employees at that location and that is indeed his legal name. Son N. is an Assistant Manager at that location and that is not his normal behavior. Thank you for bringing this up to us! We will check into this employee and location. 


We always value customers who are keen to give us their feedback. I will be sure to pass on what you have told me to our Managerial Team.