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@vzw_customer_support @My young daughter, 26, was at store on 1529  14th st NW  in Washington DC today around 3pm by herself. She was upgrading her phone and a strange man  began and continued to berate her verbally for over 40 minutes. She did not know this man and was terrified. Calling her names and accusing her of trying to steal his data, and more.  She was able to get out of the store as she feared he would follow her. She called me from home (I live in TX) crying frantically because she was terrified. Not ONE employee including the manager even acknowledged this man's horrific behavior or asked my daughter if she was okay or needed assistance. They assisted him with purchases like he wasn't causing a scene. I do not expect them to confront him however they didn't even ask him to stop or even bother to call 911 so cops could diffuse his actions and get him to leave. I know they don't get paid enough for that but for goodness sakes, call 911. Protect your other customers!!! Especially a young woman who was visibly afraid!! She has to return her old phone still and is too afraid to go alone to do it!!  I would appreciate if someone would call me to discuss this matter.