Complaint About a Store Manager

My MIL and I went in to ask questions about upgrading our phones and possibly changing our plan. We had been looking into other carriers but told them we wanted to see what they could give us as the best offer since we have been customers for 20+ years.

Long story short everything we were sold was inaccurate. I was charged fees I was told I would not be charged, I didn't get to keep Disney Plus when I was told I would be able to, and was told a price for my phone per month but in reality, it was over double that price. Hours with customer support figuring out what really was purchased and some credits on my account somewhat helped that situation although not completely...but then my next bill came out. When I looked at the breakdown of it, it was incorrect. They prorated my old plan and the amount was wrong. Yes, I had credits on the account, but that was for the other issues. The prorated amount was wrong.

My MIL took both the current bill and our previous bill into the store to talk with the manager. At this point, we had spent 10+ hours with this. She talked to the manager and then called me and handed him the phone. I explained the situation again. He did not listen but kept going back to the credits received already. He kept asking me what I wanted and I explained I want the bill to be correct.

I didn't feel listened to or understood and at one point interrupted him and said, "Sir, you are really starting to frustrate me." He responded by hanging up on me and telling my MIL he wouldn't put up with being talked to that way.

I told my MIL I needed his name and his boss's contact, but he said we would need to call customer support to get that and refused. He told my MIL he would call customer support and call us back. He texted her and said customer support confirmed he was right. She and I both had been on a 3-way call with them when we received the credits and we were told what the credits were for and none of them were for the plan mistakes.

I felt that we were fed incorrect information from the time we stepped into the store, and when we went to the manager he didn't listen or try to rectify the situation his store caused. 

I would like to file a formal complaint, but after another hour or two on the phone, today with customer support cannot find a good process for this other than posting on here.  I am sad by the fact that I have been such a long-time customer and and waited 7 years to switch phones because of headaches like this and it went this poorly.

Re: Complaint About a Store Manager
Customer Service Rep

We value your loyalty and take your feedback seriously. We would like to get more details in order to assist you. We contacted you via Private Note.