Complaint about Verizon service and payment

I has switched to Verizon last year and wanted to use prepay service I ordered everything paid activation fees for all 3 phones, got simcards and was told that all switching over from pageplus will will be done in 2 days. When cards were received my pones, all 3 of them, could not be activated I spent a week with support trying to activate them without any luck. So I went to the local store and they could not activate my phones on prepaid service. So I went to Regular service Paid activation fees again for my 3 pones, got them working for a day and next 3 days I spent with support and local store trying to reactivate Verizon phones, it was nightmare and I was ready to give up. Finally someone in a store was able to fix the activation and phones were working. However I feel like I was ripped and payed twice for such a trouble to activate phones. Disappointing. 

So there was a the rebate on version web for brining your phone, I submitted a rebate for 2 phones. Rebate status says rebate was sent to my email however the email states that the rebate status is "Invalid" and the reason is "we could not find the mobile number associated with this number" and Ironically the number is listed under Mobile number column.

Can any body help where I can file a complaint regarding the issues above or should I ditch the verizon forget the lost money and move on?



[email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]