Complaint about service, and Verizon Wireless Customer Care
Enthusiast - Level 1

So now the latest scam you guys are doing! Couldn't go into stores to buy new phone due to COVID-19, fine understandable. We also needed to add a line, with a new number, so we called customer service to assist us. The lady ordered the new phone for us, with a new line, had it ready for pick up at a store near us that was doing drive by pick up, we also replaced the two phones already on our account, since they were 2 years old.  Total of 3 phones, with one getting a new number.  My husband needed the phone that day, his old one had died. He was using another company for his old phone, and had left Verizon Wireless due to terrible customer service, and charges always being added several years ago. He decided to give Verizon Wireless one more try. Big mistake! Mysteriously, an new phone gets shipped to us, with another phone number. I get a text it is on it's way. We called, but they said since it had not been activated, they could not see it on our plan. She said, when it arrives, simply deny delivery, and it will be returned, and you will not be  charged. Then the next day, I get another text, the phone had been activated, which is strange as it had not even shown up at our house yet! Now they are charging us a restocking fee for a phone we never ordered, or wanted. and the charge for the phone and line are still on our bill!!! We can't get a live person to talk to at all! Why would we be responsible for restocking fee for a phone we did not order in the first place?? Verizon, you are crooks!!!!!!!!  I am really wishing a manager, or someone who knows what they are doing would call us.