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I always pay my bill early out of my checking account. On October 12, 2019 there was a payment posted on my account for $120.00 using a Master Card with an ending number that does not belong to me. I contacted Verizon Support and brought this to their attention. Verizon assured me that they had my account straightened out and thanked me for being honest. I check all of my accounts daily and low and behold the $120.00 was removed, but my account was just about $10.00 higher. Instead or the regular $108.34 it was $118.xx. Again I contacted Verizon Support and talked to another Verizon Support person explaining my problem. They checked my account and agreed there was a mistake and credited me the overcharge of $9.83  that occurred after my account was repaired due to the mysterious Master Card charge and sent me an email showing what my future payments would be. Again....I thought my account was straightened out. But wait! I received an email saying my account was "PAST DUE" because of a Credit Card Return and that I owed $120.00 to make my account up to date. Now I have received an email that my account is overdue and I owe about $119.00. The last time we talked with a Verizon Support expert she was going to have accounting do an audit on my account. The only time I have used a credit card with Verizon was in a Verizon Store when I was opening an account or purchasing a phone or accessories. If they simply look a my account they would see I only pay my account on time and only use my checking account. No Master Card. Especially one that I do not own or have never owned. They are supposed to call us back, but at this point I am beginning to doubt it. My credit score means a lot to me and I do not like being put through this especially after I was trying to be honest with Verizon, and someone who paid the $120.00 and myself. My latest email has my bill at $227.34. My normal bill amount at this time is $108.63.

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