Complete Incompetence at Verizon

Last month someone at a "Franchise" Verizon store in Northern California committed fraud on my account and attempted to have a phone added to my account.  The receipt showed the name of the store and location but not the actual representative who placed the change order.  

I caught it quickly and attempted to report it to Verizon.  I waited on hold for nearly an hour before the call dropped.  I waited aging for 45 minutes and explained to an agent who wanted to transfer me to the fraud division and the call dropped again.  Gosh Verizon, you need a better phone system.

I called the third time, another 45 minutes on hold and I'm thinking I need to drop Verizon in favor of someone who can answer their darn phone.  I got through and reported the fraud and was assured it would be handled.  No problem.

An hour later I get a confirmation that the order would be shipped.  I called again, another 35 minutes, same results.  Fake order is cancelled no problem.  Three hours later I get another email that the order has been shipped.  I'm getting furious.  Called again, waited again.  Finally got an agent who promised to send me a confirmation that the order was fraud and was cancelled.  I get a text message that had no from contact and said something like "ord cnxld"  and nothing else.

Come on Verizon.  Next day I get a tracking number and the phone is on the way and I spent another hour with a verizon agent.  This time I coaxed an email that assured me the order was fraud, that it was cancelled and everything was going to be OK.

I got my bill today, and it's messed up because of this.  There is a credit for the fraudulent order but other things the fraudster change are not fixed and the bill is $50 higher than it should be.

I've been on hold for 21 minutes.  This is absolutely the worst customer service and the worst company in existence.  I don't know how they stay in business.  Most companies these days have an option to call customers back if the wait times are excessive.  Is that technology too sophisticated for Verizon?  This is horrible.

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Customer Service Rep

verizonisthedevil, we recognize your time is valuable and we appreciate your efforts to resolve your account issues. To confirm, are you still on hold with our fraud team? I'm confident that they'll be able to work with you to review the charges you've received on your account.



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I, too, have experienced complete incompetence and total disregard for a customer with Verizon.  After starting service with Verizon, they have not given me my trade-in credits or my rebates for bring my devices as stated in my agreement.  I have spent hours and hours trying to get this fixed, but keep getting promised it is fixed and later finding out it was not.  I have paid exorbitant bills, full prices for phones, and not received rebates.  

I just “chatted” with a rep that told me she would get my rebates on my account today; my husband got a text saying my rebates had been submitted only, but not processed.  I got that email in May.  What the .....?

i now have decided to cancel my service and demand, due to breach of contract, to be made whole (back to my original status before my contract with Verizon).  They can have their phones back, but must repay me for what I have spent on the phones and equipment.  I will take the hit for the service, etc.  If not a claim will be made in court tomorrow, without fail.



Customer Service Rep

CE10, I have received mixed messages from a company in the past and I was just as concerned. We would like the opportunity to work toward a resolution and regain your confidence in our service and support. Keeping you with Verizon is a priority. Please check for Private Messages for further assistance. 


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