Compliant about Verizon Retail Store

     I have just ordered and received an iPhone 12 pro max, but the screen seems to have a manufacturing defect. There is a green, sometimes red line across the screen vertically. As soon as we noticed, I made an appointment with a company store (now I know the differences between a company store vs retail store), hoping to do an exchange of the device. 

   Today when I got to the company store located in the marketplace in Irvine/Tustin, CA on time, I found out the store is closed all day. I didn't get any cancellation notification until 30 mins before my appointment time. Immediately, I called another store in my area (in Irvine spectrum), not knowing that one is a retail store.  After I explained the situation over the phone, the guy "Gaige" (not sure the spelling) told me I could just stop by and walk into the store. When I got there, he told me I cannot exchange/return the device since it is purchased online not in the store. He then suggested I either go to a company store or go to Apple and try to exchange it there. Since the Apple store is literally next door, I went to Apple and was told I cannot return the phone there. FYI, I called "Gaige" when I was waiting in line at Apple, because if Apple doesn't have any phone available right then. I would return to the Verizon store. Again, "Gaige," said the same thing, I can return to the Apple store

     Three trips today, hoping I can get an exchange of the device due to a manufacturing defect. I eventually ordered the phone again through Verizon live chat. It seems like the Verizon retail store was just passing the nerve. All the misinformation caused unnecessary frustration and a waste of time for me. If the retail stores are just there to collect our money but fail to provide the same customer service as Verizon company stores. Why should anyone go to a retail store? I don't even know how many customers even know there are so many differences between them. 

----From a Verizon customer since 2008.

Re: Compliant about Verizon Retail Store
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Sounds like you're getting the run-around for sure would think they would do a swap at least