Conditional Call Forwarding Verizon>Google is BROKEN.
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I've spent the last two weeks trying to sort out a problem with Conditional Call Forwarding between a Verizon line, and a Google line.

No reps on either side were able to provide a solution.  After considering everything we have tried it appears to be an issue caused by Verizon.

Basically, CCF works normally unless calls go unanswered.  In this scenario, the caller rings for a full minute then calls are getting dropped before Google VM picks up.  The first 30s for Verizon, transfer, then 30s for Google, then the call is dropped.

If the VW line is unavailable(phone off), or I decline the call the whole process works seamlessly. (fewer rings?)

Now I know what you are thinking... Can't you just change the number of rings in settings?  Any rational-thinking human would think that should be a basic settable option for a wireless subscriber on any carrier..... but alas, those who wrote the rules... are not rational.

There appears to be some global timer that disables the service from working.  The last VW rep to assist me insisted this had to be the issue, meaning there was no remedy. This also means it should be working for no one.  Does anyone else have this working?  If not, why can't my phone company make their own services work?  If so, why can't any reps figure out what's wrong with my setup?



Adam P.

Re: Conditional Call Forwarding Verizon>Google is BROKEN.
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Hi Sipkwicz! I know that having quality service is very important. Please DM me, it will be my pleasure to assist you.