Constant Weak Signal
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My son and I consistently have only had 2 bars of signal for the last couple of years. Whether home or outside of the home. I live in a city, it is ridiculous to only have 2 bars of signal for what I'm paying for service. I consistently have calls drop. I've called in, they do some resets, I'll have full bars for a day and then back to 2. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and my son has an iPhone XS Max. So, it's obviously not a phone issue. I'm ready to go to another carrier at this point. 

Re: Constant Weak Signal
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I'm sad to hear about the problems you've recently experienced. The most important responsibility we have is to keep our customers connected during this time. I'd like to help. Please tell me, what's the zip code and the nearest street intersection to the trouble location? When did the trouble start? - Carter

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